These ladies worked at Souther Field during the WWII era. These photos are from the Graham Aviation publication of 1943. There are no names with the photos and we would like your help in identifying them. You can click on an image for a larger photo. Use your back button to return.

The lady on the far left has been identified as Doris Pierce Davis of Smithville. She kept the cadet records and help run the telephone switchboard. Thanks to her son Jim Davis for letting us know. Additional recent comments by Doris Pierce Davis - " William J. Graham, President of Graham Aviation in background facing the other direction. The lady standing and holding the paper is his secretary but can't remember her name. The lady sitting on the right in the flowered dress lived up toward Oglethorpe." The lady standing on the right has been identified from a photo that Jim Davis found in his mother's possessions as Lenora Bacon. The lady seated in the flowered dress to the right in the photograph has been identified by Ginny Loman as Bertha Nell Duke - now Loman.



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